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Torque Seal Anti Sabotage Laquer
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Part# LB-0830
Size 0.5 oz.

Torque Seal Anti Sabotage Lacquer, Orange - Torque Seal 

Protect sensitive items with the classic lacquer that shows evidence of tampering. Our bold orange torque seal can be applied to any seam in your equipment in seconds.

• Each tube features a unique, fluorescent orange sealant.

• Torque seal inspection lacquer can be used on compression fittings, studs, nuts, and other assemblies to show that they are in torque or an appropriate position.

• Save time by immediately knowing when your machinery has been adjusted.

• Brittle-drying seal will crack if tampered with.

• Drying times vary based on the volume applied. The surface sets and dries quickly, however it takes 24 hours for the seal to fully harden.

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