About Us

Cookies Girl

You always put your prized possessions on the highest shelf or the most hidden corner – so why treat your valuable electronics and tools differently? We can’t hide everything behind a locked door, but we can build a tamper-resistance system that shows evidence of tampering and prevents it from happening in the first place. Think you can’t protect your bulky, conspicuous equipment? Think again.

Tempting equipment makes for tempted hands. While we’ve all seen valuable items go missing in the office, studio or factory, there are plenty of ways to prevent it. That’s why we developed a site that’s devoted to the art and science of tamper prevention and asset protection. It’s what we do best. We design labels with common sense in mind – personalized labels with detailed contact information provide a valuable resource for you and your company, keeping your equipment where it belongs – and out of the hands of others.

Our signature series of tamper-resistant labels were designed with protection and prevention in mind. From our tamper-evident designs, featuring an ultra-thin vinyl layer, to our unique Voiding label designs, we offer a range of products that can cure the worst cases of tampering and theft.