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Part# TS-0020
Color Blue

Product Description

Protect your shipments, give yourself and your customers peace of mind that their shipment arrived intact. StealGuard Tamper Evident Packing Tape's VOID technology ensures that packages cannot be resealed without evidence of tampering.

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1980" x 2"
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  • 1980" x 2"
  • Tamper Evident Tape
  • StealGuard Packing Tape
StealGuard Packing Tape
Label shows a VOID pattern upon removal. 176ยบ F May 26
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  • Leaves void messaging pattern on substrate and cannot be reapplied/reused.
  • Ideal for use on coated paperboard, corrugated, and plastic surfaces.
  • Shows evidence of tampering between temperatures of -130F to 176F.
  • Tape is silent when being unwound making it perfect for use with box sealing machines.
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Size:1980" x 2"
Material:StealGuard Packing Tape
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