Frequently Asked Questions

 Tamper Proof Labels

Q. What does frangible mean?

Frangible labels break apart when you try to remove them. We call them 'frangible' because they are very fragile labels - they are designed that way to prevent reuse. Unlike other objects that change in physical form but remain cohesive, the term 'frangible' refers specifically to items that are designed to break apart.

Q. When should I use a destructible label or a Voiding label material?

We recommend that destructible label material be used for smaller labels and for applications that require some outdoor durability.

Voiding labels are best for larger sites labels and, if you’re on a budget, for certain laser printers that image at a very high temperature. Destructible label laser blanks may have some trouble with very large and/or hot laser printers.

Q. What are your destructible labels made from?

Our destructible labels are made from durable cast Vinyl material. In some cases, our destructible labels can be made from a highly breakable (frangible) polypropylene. The unique construction of these labels allow them to break apart easily if someone tries to remove them.

Unlike our other labels, this material allows for an ultra-thin design that cannot reused or succumb to a great deal of damage. This is why the primary goal is to show evidence of tampering and to prevent reuse, in addition to marking and identifying your property.

Q. When are the "butterfly" seals used?

Butterfly seals are great for straddling the seam of a cabinet or door, preventing intrusion and tampering with objects inside. As a die-cut shaped labels, they are very hard to counterfeit, making it easier to recognize when your items have been tampered with or adjusted.

A clear 'Void if Seal is Broken' message can also help to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Q. Do the terms, "Destructible", "Tamper Evident", "Tamper-Proof" and “Tamper-Resistant” mean the same thing?

For many, these terms are interchangeable. For us, however, destructible means that the label breaks into tiny pieces upon attempted removal. Tamper evident labels are either destructible labels or labels that show a void or checkerboard pattern when you try to remove the label.

We consider tamper-proof and tamper-evident to be equivalent terms. However, tamper-resistant labels or tags can help stop a vandal from altering the information on the label. Self-laminating labels and tags are good examples of this kind of system. Once laminated and sealed, your writing and printed information is difficult to alter.

Q. Do you offer a security seal that shows a white VOID when you try to remove it?

We offer a variety of Voiding materials – including labels that show a silver void residue upon removing the label. You can choose which kind of material you need based on the surface of the material you intend to label. Silver, for example, works great with darker surfaces. Think ahead to get the most out of your Voiding label sets.

Q. When is it better to use Voiding or Checkerboard labels versus Destructible Vinyl?

Destructible vinyl and Voiding material labels have very different ways of showing tamper evidence. Voiding and checkerboard labels leave a mark when the label is removed, and this type of label is great for bridging gaps on items that may experience a bit of "flex" between surfaces. Unlike destructible vinyl, our voiding labels are made from a more durable material that can withstand frequent movement and moderate abrasion. With destructible vinyl labels, any attempt at removal will result in the label being destroyed. These labels are ultra-thin and use a permanent adhesive. Their "thinness" allows these labels to be used on irregular surfaces and makes them perfect for use on small components.

Q. What are warranty void stickers?

Also known as warranty void labels and tamper evident labels, these stickers are printed in special ways to make them impossible to remove without very obvious detection.

Q. Why do I need tamper labels?

All products under warranty should contain some form of tamper evidence. Otherwise, products can be damaged through manipulation or carelessness, making your warranty invalid and the value of your items signficantly diminished. Considering the relatively low cost of protection, it's a smart, cost-effective piece of insurance that can help prevent fraud.

Q. How destructible are your labels? We need to make sure our medical packages are extremely secure.

The labels are very destructible and act as a highly effective deterrent to theft and tampering, but for high value and extremely sensitive packages or equipment, we still suggest that you consider additional security measures. Since no tamper-indicating feature is 100% tamper-proof, it is important to consider the consequences of tampering when implementing your system. In cases where tampering could cause loss of life or serious monetary loss, we don’t recommend that you use these labels as your only means of protection. In such situations, we suggest you use our labels in combination with other safety measures.